R6 – Radiance Eye Contour Emulsion

Radiance Eye Contour
15ml / 0,51 fl.oz
$ 1,080.00 HKD

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Emulsion with remarkable decongestant and stimulating properties for eye contour area microcirculation. Applying the product helps to reduce dark circles and bags. The cosmetic action is provided by Aescin, which tones and strengthens capillaries, and White Truffle extract, whilst soft-focus effect micro-particles brighten skin.



Remove the top and press the white button. The correct amount of product to use around one eye contour area will be dispensed. Massage the eye contour area, concentrating on wrinkles. Repeat the procedure around the other eye. Make sure the product is thoroughly absorbed by lightly tapping with your fingertips if necessary. To be applied at least three times a day with special focus in the evening before going to bed.