Essence of love

Mediterranean Organic Herbs
Essential Oils
30ml / 1,01 fl.oz
$ 2,340.00 $ 1,800.00 HKD

Essence of love

Share love that is kind to the Earth and all its creatures

Valentine’s Day Special

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  1. M5.1 – Organic Mediterranean Thyme Essential Oil
  2. M5.2 – Organic Mediterranean Basil Essential Oil
  3. D3 – Nano mist diffuser

D3 – Nano mist diffuser

Delivers instant hydration and leaves skin plump and glowing. Thanks to nutrient-rich essences, it revitalizes skin and make-up – ideal for frequent travelers and OLs, or anyone who suffers from skin dehydration caused by exposure to air-conditioning or other aggressive elements.

Using Ultrasonic Atomisation Technology, this elegant and portable device is designed to moisturise your facial skin deep below the surface. The device transforms M5.1-Thyme and M5.2-Basil essential oils into nanometre particles smaller than pores (0.3-0.5 nm) to enhance their penetration into the basal layer of your skin, amplifying the effectiveness of FRAME®’s organic essential oils, which are specially formulated for use with this device.